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Compatibility and Known Issues

Here is a list of the known issues of DAQmx Steps 1.0.3:


Known Issue


Removal of DAQmx Steps from Tools menu

Uninstall application do not remove DAQmx Steps submenu in Sequence Editor Tools menu.

Workaround: To remove the submenu:

-            Open NI TestStand Sequence Editor;

-            Click Tools ยป Customize… to open the Customize Tools Menu dialog box;

-            In the list Tools Menu, select Mesulog - DAQmx Steps Submenu;

-            Click the Remove button.


Under certain conditions, when TestStand is already open, new DAQmx channels do not appear in the list even if you click on the refresh button.

Workaround: If the newly created channel(s) is not in the list: you should close and restart TestStand.


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