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DAQmx Steps Licensing Options

After installing DAQmx Steps, you may have to register your license. If you do not activate a valid license, DAQmx Steps will run with the Free Edition License. To evaluate or activate DAQmx Steps, please refer to the corresponding section of this help.

Note  This section is designed to assist you in understanding the licensing policies for DAQmx Steps. This document does not replace the MESULOG Software License Agreement and should only be used as a reference.

MESULOG offers two DAQmx Steps licenses. The Professional Edition includes multi-UUT features.

       DAQmx Steps Free Edition

       DAQmx Steps Professional Edition

The following sections describe the scope of each license in accordance with the MESULOG Software License Agreement, which is shown at DAQmx Steps installation. For additional information or questions about your specific licensing needs, please contact MESULOG.


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