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Activating Your Software

What is activation?

Activation is the process of obtaining an activation code to enable your software to run on your computer.

You do not require an activation code to start evaluation of DAQmx Steps. You just have to open the License Status from TestStand menu Tools » Mesulog - DAQmx Steps » License Status… and to click on Start evaluation.

License ID and password

When you buy a license of DAQmx Steps, you will receive a License ID and a password. A License ID is a numeric code of up to 8 digits. A password is an alphanumeric string associated with the License ID.

For each activation, the license server will decrement the number of activation left for the given License ID.

Activation code

An activation code is a numeric string that verifies the software, version, and features installed on your computer. Activation codes are unique and are valid on only one computer.

To receive your activation code you need to purchase a DAQmx Steps Professional Edition.

What information do I need to activate?

You need your License ID and your password received when purchased a DAQmx Steps Professional Edition License.

How do I activate my software?

Use the TestStand menu Tools » Mesulog - DAQmx Steps » License Status… to check your License Status. If not activated, a button Activate… will be displayed to launch product activation.

Tip  After successful activation, restart TestStand to be sure that the Professional Edition is fully activated.



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