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Uninstalling DAQmx Steps

Caution  Make sure to exit TestStand before uninstalling DAQmx Steps.

To uninstall DAQmx Steps:

       From the Control Panel » Programs and features, select DAQmx Steps 1.X.X and click Uninstall;

       From the startup menu, select Mesulog » DAQmx » Uninstall DAQmx Steps;

       A message box will ask you to confirm DAQmx Steps removal;

       Click on Yes button to start DAQmx Steps uninstall;

       Once the uninstallation is complete, a message is show explaining how to remove DAQmx Steps submenu from the Tools menu. See known Issue #2095 for further information about how to remove the DAQmx Steps submenu;

       Finally, the setup will show this message before exit.