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Configure IO for DAQmx Steps

All the DAQmx Steps are using DAQmx Global Channel to read or Write on Digital or Analog IO.

You need to use NI MAX (Measurement & Automation Explorer) to create DAQmx Global Channels.

If you create a DAQmx Global Channel, this IO is automatically populated in the configuration dialog box of the corresponding step:

          Analog Input can be used with Read Analog Input (N samples) Step

          Analog Output can be used with Write Analog Line Step

          Digital Input can be used with Read Digital Line, Wait Digital State or Wait Digital Edges Steps

          Digital Output can be used with Write Digital Line or Generate Pulses Steps

If you want to create some IO dedicated to a specific test socket, you need to follow these requirements for the naming of your IO:

          The IO must be terminated with “_X”

          X represents the test socket used for this line

          X must be an integer value and greater or equal to 1

          Select the UUT Mode in the configuration dialog box of the step

Note  NI TestStand Test Sockets are indexed from 0 to N-1, but to be more explicit for configuration, IO must be configured from 1 to N.

Note  DAQmx Steps doesn’t provide support for Counters Input or Output channels.


To configure an IO as UUT you need to configure your DAQmx Global Channel with a specific name in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).

In our configuration, we created IO of the same type with different names. We have “Button_X”, “Power_X” and “Start”.

In the configuration dialog box, if you select Bench mode, you can select only the “Start” Channel:

If you select the UUT mode, you have the following listing for the DAQmx Global Channel. The suffix is removed, and the test writer doesn’t have to carry of the configuration of the line. Only channels with a suffix are listed.

At execution, if the step is configured in UUT Mode, the suffix “_X” will be added automatically corresponding to the current test socket.

Note  The Mode option is enabled according to your Edition (see DAQmx Steps Licensing Options)

Tip  Click on Refresh… to update available channels. See known Issue #2096.

Caution  At edition, if you try to edit a step configured with UUT mode activated without Professional Edition License, the configuration is changed, and the mode option is set to “Bench”

Caution  At execution, if you try to execute a step configured as UUT without Professional Edition License, the DAQmx Channel is replaced by an empty Channel name.


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