Software experts to test and measure

Mesulog is situated in Moirans (38) close to Grenoble, where teams build and develop specific softwares to test, measure, and try automation. Mesulog is an official partner of NI (ex-National Instruments) for 20 years. The company was created with the desire and aim to provide test and measurement services to optimise industrial processes.

Our added value is our pride ? Develop scalable, ergonomic and adapted software to your job and yourself. We are specialised in programing on NI LabVIEW, NI TestStand and NI Veristand.

LabVIEW is a convivial and powerful tool used in your development software projects, testbench and measurement systems. LabVIEW is exactly the soul of Mesulog :

"Our only limit is our imagination !"


Expert in conception and specific software development.

Acquire and exploit at best your data

Thanks to the expertise of our developers, all certified LabVIEW and/or TestStand, we are able to realised Bench that combine development graphic environment and test sequencer. The purpose is to provide you R&G or production Bench and performant process tests.

We are the source of a range of partner products of NI TestStand and are partners of the solution Wats by Wirinco which allows large data quantities to be analysed on TestStand Bench.

In 2022, Mesulog joined Nerys to found Nerys Group. This union allows two companies to acquire a new dimension, which allows them to realise complete Bench on a larger scale and control more complex projects. With three locations in France, Nerys Group is in close proximity and reactive with their customers.


  Centr'Alp - Parc du Pommarin
Bâtiment C
137, rue de Mayoussard
38430 MOIRANS France