Build and control a measurement system

The computers are actually the platforms that focus on measurement system realisation. Building a measuring system consists of collecting traffic signals from the measurement origin, numerating, analysing, and saving them.

The measurement system designer must follow accurate methodology to not forget significant characteristics that risk influencing the quality of the acquisition chain or data restitution. The track results of this methodology are not unique. But it is essential to understand the role of all elements that constitute. Do not respect « the rules of good practice » will lead to measuring wrong signals, strongly decreasing the instrumentation chain quality, or creating a short-circuit that degrades the system or hurts somebody.

A few years ago, the choice was a selected table instrument or acquisition card insert in the computeur, but in recent years, the supply has grown considerably.


Mesulog can advise you on :

1. Important base elements to define the instrumental system on your computer include :

  • sensor, base element. A complete knowledge of physical phenomena is needed to choose the most appropriate sensor.

  • the signal packaging that is not always connectable to the measurement system.
  • the wiring, too often forgotten.
  • the different types of signals that are analogue-type (resolution,quantum, nb bits, sampling frequency), numeric-type, and counter-type.

2. The digitisation equipment and data generation are acquisition materials or independent and modular instruments.

3. The measurement software from NI LabVIEW, with driver realisation by acquisition card (DAQmx) or measuring instrument on table (VISA and IVI);

4. Introduce data acquisition in real-time systems and FPGA.


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