Data Recorder

A professional solution to recording encoder positions

  • Dedicated to IK220 board
  • Compatible with incremental and absolute Endat encoders
  • Absolute Endat
  • Easy to use
  • Real-time position or velocity
  • Compatible spreadsheet files
Figure 1 Figure1: Face-avant application Data Recorder IK220

Figure1: Data Recorder IK220 application front panel

LabVIEW library

The LabVIEW library giving access to the specific functions of Heidenhain IK220 board.

  • Integration in LabVIEW palette
  • Online documentation
  • Protected diagrams

LabVIEW application

Assembly of several LabVIEW library functions making a ready to use LabVIEW program.

Many configurations available :

  • Point by point acquisition, incremental encoder (11 µA ou 1 Vcc)
  • Point by point acquisition, absolute encoder (EnDat)
  • Buffered acquisition (RAM IK220)
  • External triggering

Point by point allows acquisition up to 250 points per second whatever the PC configuration.

Price List

Data recorder for Heidenhain IK220590 €
LabVIEW library for Heidenhain IK220710 €
LabVIEW application prototype for Heidenhain IK220500 €
LabVIEW IK220 package (Data recorder + library + 1 prototype)1500 €

Contact MESULOG by e-mail for more information.


The installer below allows Data Recorder IK220 full installation.
However, without an activation key, the default licence is the 30 days evaluation version.

The Data Recorder executable requires the installation of LabVIEW 7.0 run-time on your machine.

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