Formations : NI LabVIEW,
NI TestStand, Vasco and WATS

Formations LabVIEW en français

Our trainers: all certified

All our trainers are certified professional developers. They have completely mastered their subject, are experts, and adapt the formations depending on your level and your professional context.

Different formations are proposed :

  • Formation for the development and code software : NI LabVIEW for Windows, Real Time (RT) or LabVIEW FPGA (3 levels proposed)
  • Formation for the NI TestStand automated test sequencer (3 levels proposed)
  • Formation for the analysis tool on test data : WATS – Test Data Management by VIRINCO.
  • Formation for the measurement system control software : VASCO

These training sessions are conducted by :

  • Frédéric Bernard, Architect LabVIEW (CLA) - Embedded System Developer (CLED) Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) - LabVIEW trainer and VASCO​
  • Damien Lamy, Architect TestStand (CTA) - Trainer WATS and TestStand
  • Adrien Andrieu, Developer TestStand (CTD) - Trainer WATS and TestStand​
  • Kevin Pelé, Developer LabVIEW (CLD) - Trainer LabVIEW and VASCO​


Our trainings show you the prerequisite to follow formations proposed by NI. The level validation prepares you to take the upper level proposed by NI. Our training courses take place at Gardanne (South), Moirans (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes), La Rochette, and on your premises.

NERYS is certified as a training organisation and registered with the PACA region under the number: 931311551413.

  Centr'Alp - Parc du Pommarin
Bâtiment C
137, rue de Mayoussard
38430 MOIRANS France