Mesulog, the official partner of WATS (VIRINCO), collects and analyses data

Either in research and development or in production, test benches on NI TestStand or NI LabVIEW allow for the collection of large amounts of data. In a follow-up approach to quality control indicators (KPIs), reparation, and production improvement, it is required to exploit and analyse the ultimate goal to be in control of your data productions.

WATS Test Data Management is a test data management tool, realised by our partner VIRINCO. This product exploits the totality of generated data by test benches developed on NI TestStand and LabVIEW. With WATS Test Data Management, you can collect and visualise your test and repair data. You quickly identify production performance issues, frequent product breakdowns, poor test coverage, or performance issues.


[...] Your test and fix data contain the true history of design issues, build weaknesses, quality problems, operator handling errors, and much more : stories about lost profits, lost times, and impossible builds. Without access to all your test and fix data, these stories can never be told. The WATS test data management forms the continuous improvement basis for all conception and production companies and electronics manufacturing products incorporate a quality approach. [...]

Source website of our partner, VIRINCO.


Oriented in production, WATS allows quick access and an overview of production line performances by computing test capabilities, a success rate for the first passengers (FPY, SPY, LPY...), and for ensuring products are traceable that appear defective after tests. More than a tool, WATS suggests a especially relevant analysis method that allows for tracking of a larve number of production tests in particular those made on compounds that could be retested.


WATS identifies and brings back principal drifts via an alarm system on scenario creation. For example, you can receive a notification when a product is tested more than five times, or when the compliant product success rate decreases to 3% in two hours. It is a great help to quickly detect drifts, and save precious time.

With WATS, you can exploit all your build, test and repair data, in real time, directly in your web browser. This allows you to transform your data into usable information through a static and qualitative analysis. Thanks to customisable dashboards, WATS realises a quick and accurate investigation for the production managers and/or quality managers by identifying the potential sources of defective parts.

The Dashboard – Provides a global overview of manufacturing.

Using a flexible and customisable dashboard to follow production yields and KPI type indicators in real time.


Some fonctionality examples :

  • Quality indicator calculation KPIs and first pass yield ;
  • Highlighting the «Top 10» of the main failed test stages ;
  • Highlighting the «Top 10» of the longest tests ;
  • Analysis of the defects causes « Root Cause Analysis » ;
  • Detailed and analytical repair management called RMA ;
  • Creation of events and alarms on trigger scenarios ;
  • Quickly explore information ;
  • Easily customise your dashboard view ;

Analyse an example from the « TOP 10 » of the main test stages in « statut FAILED » filtered by categories.

WATS can improve your test procedures. It helps you define test settings that adapt to products, for example to help you fix adapted measurement limits. Furthermore, WATS has started to introduce AI for greater data analytical fineness or Microsoft Power BI automation.


Fast response time – from problem to resolution

WATS is more than a tool to conduct test reports and show your data. It offers too a simple method to help you find problems and resolve them as quickly as possible. It allows you to pass high-level yield calculations with only one click and to use statistics to understand your main bad test performance source.



Multiple deployment solutions

WATS collects and analyses data through a mechanism for reporting data online in the CLOUD or on a local server via an offer called "On Premise".

Contact Mesulog, a partner of VIRINCO about that product WATS Test Data Management

With projects of testing workbench development, MESULOG was confronted with the customer requirements for the data analysis collect. The solution proposed by VIRINCO with his product, WATS, is particularly elegant and powerful. It is implemented in many projects realised on NI TestStand with the WATS plugin.

MESULOG is the partner of VIRINCO in France. It helps his customers to implement WATS Test Data Management solution in their company while ensuring the support and formation of the data analysis collected.

For expertise, training, or outsource a development, we suggest you to contact MESULOG partner of VIRINCO. We can help you develop a tool to collect and analyse your data.


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