Toolset de communication Modbus pour NI TestStand

Modbus Communication Toolset for NI TestStand™

Version 1.0 - July 2016

MESULOG Modbus Steps includes a set of TestStand Custom Steps to communicate easily with your Modbus Devices.

Figure 1 : Communiquez simplement avec vos matériels Modbus depuis NI TestStand...

Figure 1: Communicate easily in Modbus with all your devices from NI TestStand...

Overview of Modbus Steps :

  • Compliant with all Standard Modbus Functions
  • Possibility to add your custom functions easily
  • Unique connection management system
  • Fully integrated with NI TestStand

Modbus Functions

Modbus Steps was developed to communicate easily between TestStand and your Modbus Devices.

Fully integrated to TestStand, Modbus Steps provides an insertion palette including all the standard Modbus functions to communicate with your devices.

Fonctions Modbus

Figure 2: Insertion Palette of Modbus Setps

With this add-on, you can connect your equipments in Modbus through Serial, TCP/IP or RTU over TCP/IP and do all the standard read write operations :

  • Read/write of "Coils"
  • Read/write of "Discrete Inputs"
  • Read/write of "Holding Registers"
  • Read/write of "Input Registers"

To communicate with an equipment, Modbus Steps integrate a unique connection manager. With this feature, you have to specify a connection name (constant or TestStand Variable) when opening the connection, and reuse this name in every steps that needs to communicate with this device.

Ainsi, vous pouvez vous connecter à votre équipement en Modbus Série (RTU ou ASCII), TCP/IP ou RTU sur TCP/IP et effectuer toutes les opérations de lecture et d'écritures standard : Lecture/écriture de

Figure 3: Modbus Steps edition window example

You don't have to manage any specific references, Modbus Steps handle it for you, and this functionality is fully compatible with all execution models of TestStand.

Custom Functions

Modbus Standard allow you to add custom functions to devices in addition of standards functions. To take advantages of all the possibilities of the Modbus, we add the ability to implement custom functions in Modbus Steps.

By following the template, you can add easily a custom function to TestStand and take advantages of the connection manager integrated in Modbus Steps.

If you need to have a more integrated solution, please contact us to have more information.

Slave Mode

Because you maybe need to simulate a Modbus Device, you may need to have a fully software and configurable Modbus Slave in your application.

Modbus Steps doesn't integrate Modbus Slave Function directly. By the way, we have some good knowledge and expertise of building Modbus slave simulator. If you have a specific need, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the most suitable solution to your needs.


You can evaluate Modbus Steps freely during 30 days. After that, you need a valid licence to edit and run Modbus Steps in your application.


Modbus Steps Development License490 €

Modbus is available as single seat license only. If you need volume licenses, please contact us.


  • Windows 7 or higher (32 or 64 bits)
  • NI TestStand 2012 or later (32-bit)
  • NI LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 2012 (32-bit)
  • NI-VISA 5.3 or higher


Online help

Modbus Steps help is available online

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