NI TestStand is an appropriate solution to free operator testing, particularly the most qualified execution of repetitive tasks.

This test sequencer, ready to use, is used for validation and production test automation. It can be used on R&B Benches as production to verify the conformity of the product (electronic components, finished product, etc.).

It allows the single product test, but also multi-product (sequentially or in parallel) with the management of common resources.

It covers the entire product validation test:

  • Configuration and setting (database, Excel, ...)
  • Definition and test strategy for encoding in the sequence editor
  • Test procedure
  • Execution trace and reporting


Mesulog is an early TestStand pioneer in France. Its founder, Jean-Louis Schricke, was the first TestStand architect outside the Americas. Over the years, through structuring projects, Mesulog has accumulated experience and has become a reference in France. The company has trained the majority of the few TestStand architects that will evolve in France in the 2020s.

Mesulog can fully realise your benches on TestStand with :

  • the definition of your test modules

  • the development of your operator interfaces

  • the scriptwriting of your test

We can also intervene on your characterisation and production benches and adapt them on TestStand by developing processes close to your practices or proposing different development models.

The majority of our development on NI TestStand is realised with the LabVIEW development environment (operator interface developments, test module definitions), but we master the bench design and construction on TestStand with other languages such as Veristand, Python, C/C++, and.NET. Listening to customer and partner needs, we have developed complementary tools to optimise the TestStand user experience.

We have also developed techniques that optimise times of development on TestStand as the unit functions implementation that allow to freeze the test sequences despite the changes in instruments (layer MAL allowing reuse measuring bricks).

The detailed features of NI TestStand :

  • Automatic import of parameter sets for the strategy of testing time. It allows you to specify generic parameters for the product ranges and more specific parameters depending on a specific product reference.
  • Creating and using specific GUI that depend on the customer’s display needs. GUI modules can be reused to be displayed both in the executable and in floating windows during the course of the test in the sequence editor. This module can have a « DQMH » or « QMH with classic API » architecture.
  • HAL layer allowing material abstraction: It can be done in different ways depending on the complexity and the number of used instruments (class sequence dynamically calling the instrument sequence of used material).
  • MAL layer, allowing the reuse of measurement bricks. This avoids duplication. Example Battery Voltage Measurement (call of test interface relay control bricks + call voltage multimeter configuration brick + call brick product to place the product in battery use mode + multimeter measuring brick, etc.).
  • Creating custom step types to reuse and simplify the creation of the test sequence with easily configurable blocks (editing window)
  • Native log of test results in XML files or in databases, and the possibility of high-performance and ergonomic statistical analysis via the WATS plugin.
  • Generate custom reports via the Mesulog CRT plugin.
  • Generate a distribution package from the TestStand deployment tool that can include NI installers (+ global installer via NI Package Builder calling the TestStand distribution package + others + placement of specific files on local disc).

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