Data Acquisition Toolset for NI TestStand™

Version 1.0 - June 2015

MESULOG DAQmx Steps provides a set of high level custom TestStand steps that allows you to use easily data acquisition devices compatible with NI-DAQmx in your application.

Figure 1 : Utilisez facilement vos cartes d'acquisition de données dans NI TestStand...

Figure 1 : Use your DAQ devices easily in your TestStand applications...

DAQmx Steps:

  • Gives you an easy access to your Digital or Analog IO of your DAQ device from NI TestStand
  • Uses DAQmx Virtual Channels easily configurable in MAX
  • Fully integrates with TestStand. You can use its customisable steps to create test sequences in your application
  • Is available in Free and a Professionnal Edition. Professional Edition gives you access to advanced features for Batch and Parallel TestStand Models


Easy IO Access

DAQmx Steps was developed to gives you an easy access to your Digital and Analog IO of National Instruments DAQ Device compatible with the NI-DAQmx Driver.

Through a dedicated Insertion Palette in NI TestStand, you can directly access to DAQmx Steps to configure data acquisition or generation in your test sequence.

Figure 2 : Palette d'insertion de DAQmx Steps

Figure 2 : Insertion Palette of DAQmx Steps

DAQmx Steps gives you access to your IO with the following steps:

  • Write Analog Line : set the value of an Analog Output
  • Read Analog Line : hardware timed multiple sample read of an Analog Input
  • Write Digital Line : set the state of a Digital Line
  • Read Digital Line : read the state of a Digital Line
  • Wait Digital State : wait for a selected state on a Digital Line
  • Wait Digital Edges : count edges on a Digital Line
  • Generate Pulses : hardware timed pulse generation on a Digital Line

DAQmx Steps uses DAQmx Virtual Channels. So, you can easily configure your channel with NI MAX (Measurement & Automation Explorer).

Figure 3 : Configuration des voies globales virtuelles DAQmx

Figure 3 : DAQmx Virtual Channel configuration in MAX

In each steps, an edition windows allows you to select a channel from a drop-down menu and configure easily the step. Only channels of the right type are listed.

Figure 4 : Sélection de la voie depuis une fenêtre d'édition

Figure 4 : Selection of a channel from an edit window of a Step

Multi Sockets

The Professionnal Edition of DAQmx Steps includes a unique functionnality for multi sockets automated test systems. When you want to test UUT in batch or in parallel, DAQmx Steps Professional Edition gives you an extra level of abstraction to simplify sequence edition. Based on a specific configuration in MAX, you just have to select one channel in your Sequence, then the Steps, in function of the Test Socket, will used automatically the right DAQmx Virtual Channel.

Figure 5 : Exemple de configuration avec des voies pour le mode UUT

Figure 5: Example of configuration in MAX for UUT test with Batch or Parallel Model

During edition, when select the UUT Mode, only channels configured to be used with Sockets appears in the drop-down menu. Test writer just need to select the channel corresponding to the function, and don't have to manage the test socket for IO.


Figure 6 and 7: Example of DAQmx VIrtual Channel selection depending on the mode


DAQmx Steps is available is 2 Editions:

Free Edition

This version is totally free, but it does not include the UUT Mode in edition and execution.

No technical support is given with this version.

Professional Edition

This is the full version of DAQmx Steps. It includes all the functionnalities, specially the UUT Mode. A professionnal Edition Licence is needed for Edition and Execution of DAQmx Steps when using the UUT Mode.

This version includes also technical support on DAQmx Steps.


DAQmx Steps Free EditionFree
DAQmx Professional Edition400 €

To purchase multiple licences of DAQmx Steps, please contact us directly.


  • Windows XP or higher (32 or 64 bits)
  • NI TestStand 2012 or later (32-bit)
  • NI LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 2012 (32-bit)
  • NI-DAQmx 9.6.2 or higher
  • NI MAX 5.4 or higher


Online Help

DAQmx Steps help is available online

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